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About Us


Accurate Security Inc., is the most locally-focused security company in the state of Texas   with security officers who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. The core of our business is security services. Our main service offering categories are specialized guarding, mobile security patrol services, remote guarding, highly trained personal protection, and corporate risk management.

Accurate is committed to providing trained and licensed security officers that have knowledge, experience, and expertise necessary to protect our clients and their physical and financial assets in a timely and cost-effective manner. We understand that the better trained our personnel are, the better we can serve our clients. In order to provide you with the security services that you can count on, our officers continually receive extensive training in the latest security and enforcement techniques.  Additionally, our guards are trained to administer CPR  and posses defibrillator training which is useful in many emergencies and can help save someone’s life.

We are dedicated to becoming your global security partner. Our experienced patrol and security officers are equipped with the professional resources and technical expertise necessary to address any company’s or individual’s security issues. Whether you are interested in security for your next special event or need security guards, our honorable security experts have you covered.


Our Partnerships


Accurate Security Inc., embraces its three fundamental values - Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness - in all communities, whether it is a membership in a security industry group or volunteering for a local charitable organization.

We do not just limit ourselves to participation in industry-specific groups.  Even as a statewide company, we believe it is important to be involved in the community.  

National Disaster Response

Accurate Security Inc., provides a risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios. The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. A prompt warning to employees to evacuate, shelter or lockdown can save lives. A call for help to public emergency services that provides full and accurate information will help the dispatcher send the right responders and equipment. Action by employees with knowledge of building and process systems can help control a leak and minimize damage to the facility and the environment.  Accurate Security Inc., provides annual evaluations to determine resource requirements and to develop plans and procedures and to prepare your business.




Accurate Security Inc., mission is to protect homes, workplaces and communities by providing the security they need to protect their assets, safeguard their people and maintain their ability to generate profits.

Accurate Security Inc.,’ three fundamental values are: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness. They serve as guidance for all of our employees in building trust with customers, colleagues and the surrounding community.



A Accurate Security Inc., employee is honest and therefore trusted to work unsupervised on the customer’s premises and with valuables. Accurate Security Inc., never compromises in its demand for integrity. Integrity also includes openly expressing one’s opinion, reporting improprieties and not withholding information.



Professionalism entails seeing, hearing and evaluating. A Accurate Security Inc., employee is always attentive and often notices things that others don’t. Their vigilance is necessary in order to be aware of potential risks or incidents that may take place on our customers’ premises.



When needed, a Accurate Security Inc., employee will lend assistance, even if it is not directly related to his or her job. As part of an ongoing effort to make life safer, a Accurate Security Inc., employee will always help if an incident occurs that requires intervention.


Our Approach


Accurate Security Inc.,  is able to harness a flat organization, which enables the specialization that is needed to be true experts in the Security industry. It is with the right expertise that Accurate Security Inc.,  is able to provide the innovation that is needed and required to offer you a meaningful security solution.















Flat Organization

Accurate Security Inc., USA puts great emphasis on empowering local branches to have the ability to rapidly respond to your needs. Accurate  limits the number of client relationships per branch. This approach has a tremendous impact on service levels and provides the local operation the time to specialize on the clients they serve and the employees they support.


It is a core belief of Accurate Security Inc., that management by name and not by number creates the best foundation for a meaningful security solution.


Specialization & Expertise 


With a strong focus on reduced client relationships, we are able to dedicate the time and energy required to specialize on your needs and industries. Since every industry is unique, specialization is needed to ensure security solutions are relevant and provide value. Expertise is developed over time and is possible if there is a commitment to specialization. As a knowledge leader, Accurate Security Inc.,  is able to transfer best practices and expertise globally to benefit you locally.




Accurate Security Inc., USA is committed to continuous improvement by using the latest technology and enhancement tools to increase productivity and efficiency at your site.


Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to create value and improve quality for you. The four components of our philosophy are:


Security—Be a Security Professional:

Continuously improve our security knowledge so you can focus on your core business. An Operational Analysis is one of the tools we use to put our security knowledge to work for you.

Services—Provide Optimal Service:

Create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Business—Build Meaningful Partnerships:

Create a business relationship that is a win-win.

Client—Understand Clients Security Needs:

Build a security program that is in line with your expectations and profile.


Our Responsibility


Accurate Security Inc., follows practices that utilize local resources to the greatest extent possible and recognize accountability for the environmental impacts of our activities.

We select from and train qualified local applicants as security officer employees, qualify suppliers to support local office operations, and partner with each of our clients regarding their sustainability initiatives.

Both diversity of the workforce and respect for the environment(s) in which we operate are reflected in our  Group corporate governance guidance and Code of Conduct.

Our people are the most important component for delivering value to our clients; they truly make the difference. We understand the combination of nature and culture present in every client workplace we provide service. This interplay of nature and culture underlies our sustainable development initiatives which deliver benefit to local communities in which we serve and society in general.


Client Facing Initiatives


Accurate Security Inc., works with each of its clients to help assure the security services’ team meets goals just as an internal department or business unit of the client does. For example, our security service teams qualify alongside their client counterparts in all initiatives regarding quality, sustainability and the environment.


Environmental Sustainability


Although we are not a producer of finished goods that rely on consumption and/or conversion of raw materials, we have initiated internal value chain program goals which benefit us and our clients.  

The table below illustrates selected green program initiatives which support goals to reduce, reuse and recycle:








our approach